About Dr. Jean Harris, the Golf Doctor


Dr. Jean Harris - Golf Doctor, Inc.

LPGA Master Professional Golf Instructor
Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC

Jean Harris’ passion for teaching has led to a career as a college professor and golf professional.  Dr. Jean is one of only 60 ladies who have the distinction of being a “Master Professional” in the LPGA.  Becoming a master professional is an intensive process. The member must be in the LPGA for at least 15 years and have accumulated over 300 continuing education points.  These involve attending schools, giving lesson in front of evaluators, and written tests.  The final test is presenting a thesis in front of her peers.

Harris has given a lot back to the LPGA.  She traveled the country for 10 years as a national evaluator of teachers.  She was an Officer and Education Coordinator for the SE section of the LPGA for 8 years.  She has been a presenter for section and national workshops.

In 2006, Harris received the LPGA Southeast Section Teacher of the Year Award voted on by her peers.  “That probably for me was the culmination of 35 years of teaching and I feel a great deal of accomplishment”.

Harris has an extensive teaching background.  She was a high school teacher and golf coach for 6 years.  She was an Athletic Director and College Professor for 20 years.  Her Doctoral degree is in Adult Education with an emphasis in Gerontology.  She has organized numerous programs for seniors. She is currently co-director of a junior program for young girls in the community (LPGA Girls Golf Program).

Harris comes to golf instruction through an academic background.  Her motto for teaching is that “I teach people golf, not golf to people.”  Dr. Jean utilizes golf psychology and various teaching aids during her lessons. Harris takes pride in working with the beginning golfer and developing them into players.  She can also take the established golfer and make “minor” changes to help them with their game.

Harris is often asked why someone with a doctorate degree would be teaching golf.  For her it is still teaching.  “I use my degree every day.  It helps me with my communication with my students.”

Dr. Jean is currently affiliated with Pinecrest Golf Course in Bluffton, SC.