Dr. Jean's Awards

USGA President O'Toole Honors Dr. Jean Harris

"A Champion in the Game of Golf"

Waldorf Astoria in New York, February 2015

President O’Tooles Speech to USGA

"….Fortunately, there are many champions of the game who have dedicated their careers , with as much passion and as much dedication to their craft as any of our national champions. And I am honored that Dr. Jean Harris of Bluffton, South Carolina… is also able to join us today. We are indeed fortunate that this gathering fit into her schedule, because what time she has… Jean gives away freely. Time, and advice as well! Dr. Harris has been a teacher of golf for more than 40 years… much of that as an LPGA Master Professional. Before that, she was a college professor. She earned her doctorate in adult education… and she uses her knowledge every day to bring golf enjoyment to old and young.

Jean also devotes a lot of time and effort to the LPGA/USGA Girls Golf program – in which girls can learn and advance in the game in a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere… supported by positive, expert instruction! This energetic and thorough introduction to the sport increases the chances that young women will stay in the game… and, we hope, bring their families to play as well. In case anyone is counting… LPGA/USGA Girls Golf reached 3,000 participants in 2010 and grew to 41,000+ participants in 2014! Now that… is a program that is making a difference!

Dr. Jean Harris is a champion of the game because she plays to win! Not simply to win on the course… but to earn the hearts and minds of people of all ages who want to find a welcoming place in this great game. She is a shining example of the dedication and selflessness that runs throughout golf… an army of people who realize that by giving… we get so much more… and what we get… has lasting value. (SPOTLIGHT) – Ladies and Gentlemen… please join me in recognizing… another real champion of the game… Dr. Jean Harris!"


Dr. Jean Harris - Other Awards

2010  Golf Digest Top 50 Women Teacher

2006  LPGA Southeast Section Teacher of the Year

2001 Golf for Women Magazine - Top 50

2000  Teacher of the year at Brenau University