Dr. Jean's Philosophy of Teaching Golf


      My philosophy of teaching golf is very simple:  “I teach people golf not golf to people”.  In other words, it is all about the student and how they learn.  Every lesson begins with an extensive interview where I find out all about the student.  I asked questions about their career, their physical limitations, other sports played, exercise routine, and previous golf experience.  I also look at their equipment to see if it is appropriate for their physical size and golf ability. I will help them get into proper equipment, if needed.  I will also work on their golf strength and flexibility.
      Once the interview is over, we will start hitting golf balls and I will continue to ask questions trying to find out the best way the student learns.  Are they visual, kinesthetic, or auditory?   I will have various teaching aids on the lesson tee that will help them see, feel or hear the tempo of the swing.  For example:  if the student is auditory I will use a metronome.
     After each lesson the student will receive written notes on tips to improve as well as practice drills.  Students may even take home teaching aids to practice with during the week.
     As you can see, I will teach the student in the way that they best learn.  We have a “fun” time in a stress-free setting.