Jeff Farnham (Sun City) - I want to let you know how great your golf instruction has been for me.  I have had 5 different instructors since I started playing in 2002 and you are by far the best of them all.  I wish I had begun instruction with you.  Now that I am 72, I know I will never be a single digit handicapper, but when I moved to Sun City, I was shooting between 100 and 105.  After your instruction my best round so far has been 86!  What makes your instruction so special has been the very structured way you go about teaching.  Your notes given after the lesson, your teaching aids, your intentional routine starting from the initial interview to specific instruction based on that interview are truly unique.  I love the image of the "think box" and the "play box" and this has made me much better at "trusting my swing" when in the play box.  I believe I can correct flaws in my game now because I now know what I am supposed to be doing with my swing.  Although I see the need for refresher lessons as I age, my body changes, and I have difficulty with certain things in golf, I am confident that you can help me with any challenges.   Thanks you Dr. Jean

Bobby Bernheim (Oldfield) - I want to thank you again for teaching me the most important aspects of golf.  I always knew that I had some potential but listening to you and implicating your swing adjustments has been remarkable.  I now have a much better understanding of why and when a good or bad shot occurs, and correcting the latter is so much easier  I count my tempo on every swing and always try to hit to second base; and lately it has been paying huge dividends.  I am your greatest fan and thank you for all you have done to help me become a better golfer.  Today I hit a milestone, put it all together, and shot a 78 and it was fabulous.  When I teed off on eighteen after a double bogey, I thought about you for a moment and readjusted my thoughts to control my tempo.  That being what I think is the most important thing you taught me.  Thank you again Bobby.

Joe Catapano (Sun City) - I have had the pleasure of Dr. Jean's golf instruction for two years now.  In this short time she has helped me with all parts of my golf game.  She has the ability to teach the game in a way the student can understand and apply it on the golf course.  Her knowledge of the golf swing is second to none.  Getting through to players to change, or to try new things is a very difficult thing to do and she's able to do this and more.  The best compliment I can give her, is that she is a coaches coach.  Thank you Dr. Jean for all your help.

Bill Haunert (Pinecrest) - I can't thank you enough for my golf lessons.  We first met this year in February and then again in September.  If you remember I was looking for help so that I would enjoy the game of golf again.  Your lessons were a Christmas present that I will be forever grateful.  When we met my handicap was 21 and I can proudly say I am now at 14.3.  My self confidence has improved greatly.  I played yesterday at Pinecrest for the first time in about three weeks.  I shot an 83.  I had a birdie and many pars and was able to stay away from "blowup" holes.  I played consistent the entire round.  This has all happened because of you.  Again thank you for everything.

Fran Bolino (Chicks with Sticks) - I have just completed my second year with "Chicks with Sticks".  This group of ladies is so awesome in so many ways.  First Dr. Jean has a clinic to give us some basics on all aspects of the game.  Secondly, she sets up our tee times at various courses in the Bluffton community.  She arranges the dates, sets up the times and organizes the foresomes.  We always have a fun format that allows everyone a chance to win prizes. She makes it a point to let us play with different ladies each outing.  She even rides around while we are playing and makes suggestions on our shots to help us with our game.  After play we go to local restaurants for dinner and socialization.  Dr. Jean is very organized and keeps this group running smoothly.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the golf and the friendships I have made through this group.  Many of us keep in touch with one another and play golf in the off season when we are not playing with the Chicks.  Thanks, Dr. Jean Harris for this opportunity to play golf and socialize with so many terrific ladies.

Ann Lau (Sun City) - My husband gave me a Christmas gift of Dr. Jean's five lesson package.  He had heard me return from golf saying "not a good golf day" way too may times.  I had imported too many tips from other players and as a result the wheels just came off my game.  Jean returned things to the fundamentals and gave me a written plan for things to work on, all tailored to me and the specific changes I needed to make.  When I finished my five lesson series I signed up for two more to help me incorporate the changes so my body would remember. Jean offers clinics and I just might sign up to keep things the way Jean likes them to be.  I love her personality and her way of saying things.  Jean is serious about golf and wants her students to be committed and enjoy the game.

Ed Thompson (Sun City)- Over the years both my wife and I have had the opportunity to take golf lessons from Jean and found her to be an outstanding instructor, for both individual and group lessons. She is especially talented in teaching us older golfers, who waited until later if life, to participate in this activity.  She taught us how to improve our skills within our own limited abilities and non-flexible bodies. In addition to her teaching she writes regular articles in the local paper, does radio broadcasts, and unselfishly donates her time in working with young girls, instilling in them a love of the game.